A Shakespearean Sonnet Extolling My One-Sided Love for an Archaic Acne Medication

julie warshaw

it's ok to try new things

julie warshaw

A love to last the ages, I have found.
The pharmaceutical concoction is
an atypical pill; not being round.
And not a pill at all. More hers than his,
admittedly. Groundless! Gender-less, youth
ought to be. But I digress (tendency).
Tretinoin, my pledge slightly uncouth,
I vow utter, proclaimed dependency.
Your 19th Mormon wife, I’d proudly be.
Expensive, dermal-focused violence
results in warranted, red, peeling spree.
Beloved suffering – but not in silence!
I bitch, I complain, most hours a day;
consider me screwed, without Retin-A.

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