13 laughs a second

julie warshaw

Hey, March. What’s going on? You’re a little late this year, but I’m cool with it if you are. And hey, way to go, rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day on a Saturday. That is some first-class lookin’ out.

julie warshaw

the grass is always greener when it's AstroTurf

The most amazing thing about The Amazing Race is that it’s still on television.

You can’t be clever all the time. You just can’t. I lied. You can be. But I hear it’s exhausting.

If I stay tuned for news at 11, NBC 6 promises to tell me why sleeping with my pets may be hazardous to my health. I sleep with everyone except for Charlie. (He’s two feet from my head and close enough to bathe my pillow in bird dust). The dog, I choose to sleep with. The cat hops in after everyone else is asleep. I use Parker as a pillow. He’s a warm, soft, delightful pillow. There’s a feisty melee of reasons why NBC 6 might think my pet-filled sleep is hazardous to my health; I’m not staying tuned, so I guess we’ll never know. I’ve identified the primary cause of my dog slumber trepidation. I’m a drooler. And waking up to a face-full of saliva-soaked dog hair is disgusting.

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